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In Episode 26, experienced educator Diane Snowball joins literacy experts Sharon and Phil Callen to talk about how to bring out spelling knowledge in children’s writing. Many teachers will often see students pick up spelling and word knowledge but struggle to transfer it to their writing.
Some key considerations discussed in the episode:
-The context for teaching spelling
-How students understand spelling
-Strategies used for spelling
-Teaching through investigations
-How do we teach spelling strategies that will work? 
-How the approach changes across year levels
-Analysing writing for spelling knowledge/strategies
-Supporting less able students

Learning words
-High frequency words (or the words we all use the most in our reading and writing)
-Why ‘word walls’ are useful
-Other alternatives to rote memorisation

Learning personal new words for writing
-Choosing words
-Learning words
-Learning related words
-Getting feedback

Learning about words
-Developing phonological awareness
-Learning letter names
-Learning about spelling patterns
-Learning about spelling generalisations
-Other investigations
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