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In Episode 9, literacy experts Literacy experts Sharon and Phil Callen unlock new and simple ways to think about and teach literacy in the classroom.

It’s the nature of the profession that we’re always learning. And particularly as literacy consultants and experts, Sharon and Phil Callen spend time looking at old practices vs new ways to think about teaching and ask that challenging question, of others and themselves, “why are you doing it that way?”

What do we mean by ‘levers of change’? 

In short, it is new, simple ways to think about teaching and learning.


  • Classroom Libraries
  • Independent Reading
  • Conferring
  • Mini Lessons – with Read Alouds, Shared Book Experience etc
  • Connecting Reading with Writing

(Note: There are more than five, but these are the beginning steps. Five beginning steps that would have the greatest impact)

Wayne will help you motivate and make some great connections between your students, their stories and writing. Tune in now and subscribe on Apple PodcastsSpotify, or your favourite podcast player. Listen in now!