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What is a literacy expert?

A literacy expert is someone who has equity at the heart of what they do and believe. They believe that literacy is not just something to be ‘done’ at school or assessed by a system, but rather a fundamental human right for equal participation in society.

A literacy expert is someone who sees literacy as a key to access and participation. Such beliefs will shape how this person engages with the students and adults they encounter. These beliefs will shape their topics for interaction, the conversations that occur about texts as well as the texts and books read, viewed and written. A literacy expert will have a keen eye for choosing books that give learners an insight to the world and how it works. A literacy expert will see making and challenging meaning as the key to success. 

In addition, with a key lifelong goal in mind, a literacy expert with know how to support and scaffold. They will understand how to interact with children to take them further as their literacy skills continue to develop. In the case of a teacher, they will have the expertise about language and how it works in order to open up the world of joy and power of language and literacy in all aspects of life.