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My name is Lynette Riley. I am a Wiradjuri and Gamilaroi woman. I am a teacher, mother (raised 7 children) and grandmother (currently 11 and growing). I work in academia in Aboriginal Education and Indigenous Studies. 

In my PhD research on ‘Conditions of Academic Success for Aboriginal students in school’, where the research used the voice of Aboriginal student first. One clear identifier the students said about why they did well academically, was that they could ‘read well’. The majority by Year 3, and then the others by Year 5. Now if these students – Year 5 & 6 - knew they did well academically, in comparison to other kids who were not performing well, because they had good literacy skills – why can’t we the providers of these skills also understand this and ensure all kids have sound literacy skills by Year three. How do we do that. Ensure the parents have sound skills, ensure kids have early access to books and learn to love reading. 

The ability to read and do well in schools is a direct link to feeling confident as a reader and loving reading. So as teachers and leaders in literacy, let’s help make that happen.

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