New podcast from Cue Learning

Many teachers want to improve student writing but feel like they’re drawing on the same routines to teach – what’s the text type, what’s the structure, where’s the planning template, what’s the topic and where’s the link to the curriculum (trying to find purpose and audience), how do I fit it into a 5-6 weeks … the challenges go on.

It can be hard to move on from here without having a toolkit of instructional strategies. 

So in this episode, Sharon and Phil explore high impact instructional strategies that can be drawn on to model the writing process – to enable  students to see writing in action and for teachers to better understand what we are asking our writers to do.

This is the active teaching we do in a writing workshop mini lesson and throughout the workshop to move from showing to independent practice, and how we engage our students in the practice of thinking, exploring and experimenting before they move to their own writing.

It is important for teachers to be clear about what they are modelling and teaching. 

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