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 In Episode 13, literacy experts Phil and Sharon Callen talk about the principles of ‘Every Child, Every Day’, and how school teachers can bring them to life in the classroom.

As teachers there are always so  many things we are being asked to do, cover, implement and introduce to our students. 

For Phil and Sharon Callen, a breakthrough came through one of the most practical literacy leaders on the planet, Richard Allington, and his work with Rachel Gabriel. It was Every Child, Every Day

What is Every Child, Every Day?

It is six simple elements of effective reading instruction, including:

  • Every child reads something he or she chooses
  • Every child reads accurately
  • Every child reads something he/she understands
  • Every child writes about something personally meaningful
  • Every child talks with peers about reading and writing
  • Every child listens to a fluent adult read

Phil and Sharon talk about these six key elements and share insights on how you can bring them to life in the classroom.

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