October 11, 2021 FREE podcast from Cue Learning

After recently completing a three day literacy teaching intensive for a group of schools, Sharon Callen reveals the key insights and outcomes in this episode.

It’s all about making connections. Integrating reading, writing and word work is the most efficient and powerful way to teach literacy. 

Sharon and Phil talk about:

  • ‘Every Child, Every Day’
  • True classroom practice
  • The importance of ACARA as a great place to help us be rooted in the connectedness of English and to curate what reader and writer actions every child, every day, gets to practise, experience and get feedback on
  • How to read the curriculum with action, as an active learning document rather than a content driver
  • Choosing and using
  • Sequence learning
  • Pedagogy and practices
  • Key questions from teachers on spelling, reading and writing

And much more here!