From Cue Learning with Wayne Dutschke

In Episode 8, literacy experts Sharon and Phil Callen bring in winemaker and author Wayne Dutschke to talk about the importance of writing from personal experience, inspiring young people to share their own stories.

Wayne has been making wine since 1979. He is the founder of Dutschke Wines, a family-owned boutique producer of classic Barossa red wines and fortifieds. He is also the author of children’s book, My Dad Has Purple Hands.

Wayne talks about:

  • Insights and lessons learned as both a winemaker and an author
  • What led him to write a book
  • The tools and techniques he used to produce the story
  • The impact reading and writing has had on him
  • How Wayne is going getting his own kids into writing
  • And much more!

Wayne will help you motivate and make some great connections between your students, their stories and writing. Tune in now and subscribe on Apple PodcastsSpotify, or your favourite podcast player. Listen in now!