There is something wrong with the education system, and it does need a revolution. Misty further explains this by looking at the etymology of the word “revolution” so we can figure out what we need to do, and how to start the process from a different place. 

The difference between being poor or rich in Australia is about 2 and ¾ years of schooling, and this is why educators can’t be spectators; they must be on the frontline affecting change. Research shows us how to meet our goals for education, so why aren’t the approaches that work, those that are assets-based and inclusive, becoming the mainstream?

Misty asks: What would happen if we started our curriculum planning from the starting points of our kids? What if we gave them a new starting point, like how Adam Goodes and Ellie Laing’s new book Somebody’s Land gives a new starting point for Australian history?

  • The revolution will not be televised is a keynote presentation from PETAA’s 2021 Leading with Literacy Conference: Powerful Practices for all Learners, and is presented by Dr Misty Adoniou

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