Brisbane 7-9 July 2021 – this is an online event

Conference Registrations now open

The theme of the 2021 online national conference to be held from 7-9 July is:

‘Challenge & Change: Contemporary Literacy and English Teaching’.

The twenty-first century has brought about disruptive changes across all parts of society, providing educators with a variety of opportunities and challenges, including those resulting from a global pandemic. Teachers of literacy and English seek to ensure that their diverse, digitally-connected learners gain the power that they need to effectively navigate the world in which they live — a world of challenge, a world with diverse needs and a world which struggles to make clear just what the ‘truth’ is.

The conference theme asks us to: consider the changing nature of our practices; bring a critical eye to our work; and think creatively about how to build a future for literacy and English teaching that creates a better world for our students — a world in which they are active, critical and creatively literate citizens.