Literacy and Pedagogy September 20, 2023 Blog by Liz Simon

  • Accuse past classroom teachers of not teaching phonics, phonemic awareness.
  • Are well-funded by the Australian Government for an uninformative

    compulsory,  phonics screening check.

The Science of Reading favour teaching phonics in a systematic way, thus  differentiated learning does not happen.  The vision I have is that these people have parachuted in, thinking that systematic learning of phonics is explicit teaching. There is far more to explicit teaching than that.

Science of Reading advocates argue that systematic teaching of phonics is the only way to teach reading. I am of the opinion that teaching has to be flexible and differential as some children come to school with knowledge and skills relating to reading and writing, whilst other children, for example ESL / EAL / deprived, may be at the first stages of English learning. And there are children with a learning obstacle, a learning disability.

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