In a world awash with mis/disinformation, this resource will help young people better navigate their complex textual, and mostly digital, worlds.
These attractive and powerful Critical Insights Cards are free to download and use with your students.
They were produced through a research project run by Assoc. Prof Jennifer Alford, Griffith Institute of Education Research. Six refugee-background Year 10 English students worked with Jennifer and her team and Griffith’s Design StudioLiveworm to produce these accessible and engaging packs of critical literacy probes. 
The brief was to interpret a range of typical critical literacy questions and redesign them in appealing visual format that could be used with high school students from Yr 7-12. We had so many great ideas we ended up making two packs – one for junior high and one for senior! They can be used with almost any text, but are especially useful for exploring online media texts. Critical literacy concepts appear in many strands of the AC:E, as shown, for example, in the attached table for Yr 10. 
The cards can be printed in colour and laminated as class sets, or used digitally in lessons. They have been approved for use by the Qld Dept of Education.  

See this site for the free downloadable resource: