Outdoors Victoria and ALEA Victoria have partnered to create an Outdoor Learning Teacher Toolkit for English. This resource has been developed to encourage more literacy-based outdoor learning. The learning experiences included in the toolkit aim to inspire teachers, of all levels of experience, to engage their students in learning outdoors. English outdoor learning experiences provide opportunities for children to interact with, to describe and interpret the natural world. Outdoor learning stimulates all the senses and encourages curiosity and exploration.

A small, dedicated team of members from ALEA Victoria, Central Victoria and Melbourne Local Councils, worked together via Zoom this year to produce a series of literacy-based outdoor learning activities. The English Outdoor Learning Toolkit was developed for primary school educators, but with simple modifications can be used from Preschool to Year 10.

The English Outdoor Learning Toolkit will launch early this year. It will be available on this link, where you can find other learning area toolkits completed in previous years, including Maths, Geography, The Arts and Science.