The Tyee 30 January 2023 by Crawford Killan

In the land whose students once topped the world, scores are declining. Why?

…Nevertheless, “Despite the notable decline, young people’s achieved learning outcomes are still good in international comparison, as indicated by many international assessments.” In the 2018 PISA exams, for example, Finland and Canada tied for sixth place in reading and science…

William Doyle offered The Tyee a prescription for improving Finnish education: image atom

How Finland Schools BC in Education

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1. Stop spending money on unnecessary and unproven K-12 classroom technology, which means most of it. And minimize classroom and recess digital distractions.

2. Take the huge amount of money you’ll save and launch a national campaign to encourage young people (and parents) to read paper books from age seven, and to apply healthy limits to screen time.

3. Hire many more special education teachers.

4. Hire many more physical education teachers. Make physical education classes three or four times per week instead of one or two. Unlike technology, physical activity is an intervention with solid evidence for improving academic achievement, well-being and mental and physical health.

5. Abandon “education export” in favour of positioning Finland as an “education exchange” partner for all nations to learn from each other and search for best practices together.

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