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Good teachers are always looking for ways to teach effectively so all students feel included and nurtured. Lucy Stinson, a Year 1 teacher in Queensland, Australia, says the arts can do just that.

Lucy joins literacy experts Sharon and Phil Callen to talk about the impact of the arts on literacy learning, and how the arts can be a springboard for the four key capabilities discussed by Robyn Ewing – curiosity, compassion, connection and courage. 

Lucy also talks about:

  • How she developed her interest in the arts and how she integrates it with the curriculum
  • How she uses the art form of literature to strengthen her teaching
  • How teachers can make the arts more meaningfully integrated into their literacy teaching
  • How the arts motivate and engage students in literacy (and other subjects)
  • How art forms enhance deeper meaning and understanding
  • How imaginative texts help students become more compassionate people
  • How her personal experiences in the arts transform her teaching
  • How to assess in different ways
  • Improvements she has noticed in her students through use of literature/the arts

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