New book by our Patron Brian Cambourne, co-authored with Debra Crouch

Event open to both NCTE members and non-members

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Teachers shape the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual spaces that support student learning. But what are the classroom conditions that make student learning more likely to occur? And what decisions will teachers make to bring these conditions of learning to life? This session will update and extend research and thinking about the Conditions of Learning, explore language and literacy development, and illustrate teacher decisions that nourish a discourse of “meaning-making.”
The session will be moderated by Deborah MacPhee, President Literacies and Languages for All (LLA) and Caryl Crowell, Board Member, Center for Expansion and Learning (CELT) and past President of LLA.
Registrants will have the opportunity to participate in a book giveaway and a raffle for one year LLA Memberships!