FFLL executive and members stop and reflect on what this day means especially to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

National Sorry Day is an annual event in Australia on 26 May. It commemorates the “Stolen Generations” — the Aboriginal Australian and Torres Strait Islander children who were forcibly separated from their families in an attempt to assimilate them into white Australian culture during the 20th century.

Why not start the day with a reading of Sorry Day by Coral Vass and illustrated by Dub Leffler. Teachers’ notes here.

The theme for National Reconciliation Week 2023, Be a Voice for Generations, encourages all Australians to be a voice for reconciliation in tangible ways in our everyday lives – where we live, work and socialise.

For the work of generations past, and the benefit of generations future, let’s choose to create a more just, equitable and reconciled country for all.

Our research shows large community support for the next steps in Australia’s reconciliation journey, including the Voice to Parliament, treaty making and truth-telling.

This year’s National Reconciliation Week theme, Be a Voice for Generations, urges all Australians to use their power, their words and their actions to create a better, more just Australia for all of us.

Read more about what Reconciliation Australia CEO Karen Mundine has to say about the NRW 2023 theme.

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