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 In Episode 19, literacy experts Sharon and Phil Callen talk about the power of the Writing Workshop to help teachers inspire young writers. As a teacher it can be tough to inspire and motivate young people to write. How can we get our writers to be engaged,  experimenting with their reading, seeing themselves as writers, creating rich range of texts for a rich range of purposes, and build a writing community? This is where the Writing Workshop comes in.
What is the Writing Workshop? The workshop model is generally described as having three components: Mini Lesson: Focusing on the TO and WITH Independent Learning: Focusing on  the BY Reflection/Share: Allows for metacognition of what has been done, achieved, applied, tired, discovered etc. This model is built on the recognisable theory of the Gradual Release of Responsibility. The whole workshop implies activity, action, motivation to grow, try, explore and understand. So a Writing Workshop will begin with a Good Writer Mini Lesson. Writing Workshops can only be as good as the literature that surrounds your students: Read Aloud so that language can sit upon the ear and be drawn upon – rhythm and rhyme, phrases and wondrous words, access to great quality literature for students to read themselves, becoming aware of what the writer is doing and reading/thinking like a writer. In this episode, Sharon and Phil talk in detail about what to teach in a mini lesson, the writing process, how to ‘be a writer’, what to model, practical application and many other tools, tips and resources.Enjoy!Subscribe on Apple PodcastsSpotify, or your favourite podcast player.
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