9th July 2022

The Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund today announced Jantiena Batt, a deputy principal from the ACT, as this year’s Reading Australia Fellow for Teachers of English and Literacy.

The Fellowship was announced during the AATE/ALEA National Conference in Darwin on 9 July by the Copyright Agency’s Head of the Cultural Fund & Reading Australia, Nicola Evans, who was joined by three past Fellowship recipients.

Jantiena Batt is a deputy principal working within the ACT Education Directorate. Her Fellowship project, Windows and Mirrors, will investigate approaches and language used by educators, families and publishers when they engage with literature that includes non-heteronormative structures of families or relationships.

Jantiena says her research will “analyse texts and teaching approaches to ensure that our pedagogy does not inadvertently contribute to the reinforcement of heteronormativity as the dominant discourse.”

Huge congratulations to Jantiena!

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