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Poetry plays a key role in literacy learning, but the subject is still easily misunderstood. Teachers must understand the purpose of poetry, why and how we teach it.

Poetry requires intentional focus, not just an add-on or a four week unit. Making poetry a part of your weekly or fortnightly routine (F-6) clearly shows students how much you value it. It enables them to develop momentum in their poetry learning and to build their understanding of poetry over time.

Carve out a Poetry Workshop (once a week/fortnight):

  • Poet Talk
  • Poetry Read Aloud within the Mini Lesson
  • Poetry Reading, Writing, Conferring
  • Poetry Sharing

Tantalising Texts – We need to build a storehouse of tantalising poems to bring to our students. We read and collect;  anthologies, singular treasures heard, quoted, found. Teachific has built an anthology of poems F-23-65-8.

Together – Read Aloud poems, develop a reservoir of class favourites, reread, read together, enjoy together, wonder, explore and notice together. Create a culture of poetry within the class – together.

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