Cur Learning April 25, 2022

Sometimes teachers struggle to see students to do ‘big thinking’ as they read. Why? Because often we’re not enabling our students to do it.  Literacy expert Sharon Callen unpacks this issue in this episode.

Sharon talks about why thinking about reading is different from thinking whilst reading. And in thinking about reading, you are conscious of connections, questions and responses. You may even consciously try to apply specific strategies to understand text in a deeper way.

In thinking about reading, you are really thinking about thinking, an act called metacognition, which literally means BIG THINKING.

Metacognition has been the subject of much study as researchers have attempted to describe ways teachers can actually ’teach’ students to become more effective or strategic thinkers.

The idea is that students can become more effective readers by engaging in conscious acts such as questioning, visualising and gathering or synthesising information.

In this episode, learn from Sharon how to help your students think about reading.

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