New podcast from Cue Learning

With so many mixed messages and options, many school leaders find it challenging to identify and implement the key attributes of an effective literacy program. 

Some teachers are asked to use a program but find that it doesn’t cater for all of their learners. Leaders are looking for a universal solution. There is a lot of confusion about what is ‘right and wrong’, and many leaders and teachers don’t know who to turn to for advice.

Over a three-part series, we explore how leaders and teachers can learn to be flexible in their selection of content and pedagogy to provide equal opportunities for each learner’s development in literacy. It’s about the questions we can ask ourselves to become flexible and informed.

Covered throughout this series:

  • The importance of instructional decisions
  • The big negative impacts of the wrong literacy program
  • Literacy non-negotiables
  • Literacy program principles
  • Keys to developing a good approach

And many more practical tips and insights!

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