The Age by Madeleine Hefferman December 4, 2022

Briony Schroor’s students are among the most ambitious in the state, but most don’t read for pleasure.

Schroor, a senior English teacher at select-entry Nossal High School, said her school could not convince many year 9 students that reading was fun. “We have to persuade them that it is valuable,” she said.

…“The historical approach with reading in secondary schools is that students just know how to read,” Dew said. “We’re actually explicitly teaching reading skills and comprehension skills.”

In addition, students are regularly tested to identify strengths and weakness. Students then set goals, such as the number or types of books they will read, via individual reading plans.

“One of the most powerful things we’ve done is students understanding where they’re at and setting goals,” Dew said…

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